Episode 7 – Sniper at your feet

In this Episode we cover:

Eye pro

My Current Eye Pro:

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Valken Zulu’s in yellow lens

Safety Standards:

When looking for good eye-pro it is important to do your research. Ask friends and sites what they recommend, don’t just buy a pair of glasses on the internet because they state they’re safe for airsoft.


Some of these are untested and not designed for the speed and impact of BBs

Always buy from a reputable airsoft retailer

So, how can you tell what is good and bad? The first thing to identify is whether the you can see a European Standard Stamp on them. This is known as the EN166.



All manufacturers of eye protection are required by law to have their products tested. This is for both the frame and lens, to identify this test you should see a EN166 or CE on the frame arms. If EN166/CE is not stamped on the side of the frame then it is advisable to look somewhere else for the eye protection.


Within the CE symbol you should see numbers and a letter. You can ignore the number as this relates to water/dust particle protection, what is important is the letter. This states how strong the frame or lens can withstand impact. For Airsoft where we shoot a maximum of 2.5 joules, you must be looking for the letter A.


F – withstand impacts against small objects travelling up to 45 meters per second – 150 fps

B – withstand impacts against small objects travelling up to 120 meters per second – 390 fps

A – withstand impacts against small objects travelling up to 190 meters per second – 620fps


Technically, you could get away B rating in a CQB environment however I really wouldn’t risk it. Especially since CO2 pistols can fluctuate throughout the year.


It’s also worth saying if you are buying higher end googles that have ballistic ratings, then the classification rating you require for over 2.5j is MIL-DTL-43511D.

Safety Eye Protection Markings


Mini Review – Ares Striker AS01

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Upgrades – www.bespokeairsoft.co.uk

Facebook owners group page –  https://www.facebook.com/groups/1219371898144539/



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