About the Podcast

The podcast is going to be brought to you as a weekly episodic cast with 3 main topics. The podcasts will be 1 topic per episode.

The topics are:

Gunpla – Plastic model kits mainly produced by Bandai base on the anime franchise Gundam

Airsoft – A sport/hobby played across the world where generally two teams play war games against each other with BB Guns shooting 6mm plastic BBs

Gaming – This will be mainly video games on PC and PS4 (as these are my chosen platforms, other formats may feature on an ad-hoc basis) however I may extend to tabletop at times if requested.


I am aiming for 1 podcast per week on one of the topics rolling through the month with week 4 being a short cast on news and “General Ramblings”.

About the host

Hi, I am Aribos, you can call me Rich if you like. I am a 30-something guy from the UK who works as an IT Tech, grew up on a farm and lives in the suburbs of Derbyshire with my other half and our dog. I decided to start podcasting again after 5 years and wanted to do it properly this time with a proper website, proper logo’s and Mic setup etc.

What qualifies me to talk to you about the topics I have chosen you ask? Well Airsoft I have been playing for the past 10 years now, Gaming I have been around my entire life from way back when with the Atari 2600 and Spectrum 128k that was my brother’s all the way through playing most consoles growing up. With Gunpla I am still fairly new to the scene only really been doing it around 4 years with only a handful of kits to my name (just never had the time to build with farm life) but first got into it when the old late 90’s/early 00’s kits for Gundam Wing Endless Waltz were in Argos, got my first Wing Zero Custom HG and then a friend reunited me with it some years later.