Episode 11 – It’s the most wonderful time of the year



BF V – Battle royale by criterion held back until March 2019

Twitch to add new built in Karaoke game for streamers

Black Friday and Cyber Monday rumour run through



Jurassic World Evolution

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WWE 2K19

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Call of Duty Black Ops 4

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Musical interlude music:

Pyro by Dredd Pitt




Episode 11 is coming soon!

Hi guys

Unfortunately I have been ill over the weekend so haven’t been able to record episode 11 yet (I am sure you don’t want to hear me coughing and snuffling on the microphone). It will be worth the wait as it will be one of our biggest gaming ones of the year. Episode 11 will have several reviews including wwe 2k19, rings of Elysium, Jurrasic world evolution and more.

Between now and Christmas I may do a couple of extra impromptu episodes to cover gaming releases for the festive period.


You will be hearing from me soon.



New episode coming soon

Hi Guys,

There will be a slight delay in the next Gunpla podcast arriving, I am waiting on some parts for my PC but should hopefully have the episode done by this weekend.

Also with moving onto reviews for Gunpla how would you like to see the building process? Photo’s, video’s or just spoken word?

Let me know in the comments below!